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Homework Help Websites for Parents and Children

The Beehive ( Designed to provide families help with money, health, jobs, school and family. Information is provided in English and Spanish. Homework support is provided across the curriculum for students in elementary, middle, and high school. Many of the subjects are divided into smaller units of subject specific information for specific grade levels.

Fact Monster Homework Center ( Offers a very user friendly homework help site designed for children 14 and under. Geography, history, language arts, math, science, and social studies support is provided.

Parenting Websites Parenting & Family ( Includes information on ages & stages, family activities & products, health & development, and other special topics. Many of the links provide information on keeping children healthy and happy.

Child Development Institute ( Describes itself as providing practical information for toddlers to teens. It provides information for parents on child development, parenting, family life, teenagers, learning, health & safety, child psychology, and mental health. This award winning website also provides helpful information for a wide variety of childhood disorders.

Child & Family WebGuide ( Includes research-based sites related to family/parenting, education/learning, typical child development, health/mental health, and resources/recreation. All sites included on the WebGuide have been evaluated by Tufts University graduate students and faculty for quality and usefulness.

Family Education ( Offers topics of interest to parents from birth to age 18. This extremely extensive site provides parents information related to a wide array of subjects from adoption and divorce to preparing for your child to go to college.

More4Kids ( Has information for parents including a broad range of parenting topics such as: child care, child development, child safety, parenting, discipline, and product reviews. It also has a detailed list of websites for children including topics related to academics, crafts, games, and experiments.

Other Helpful Sites: ( The U.S. Department of Education provides many resources for parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Information for parents includes a “Helping Your Child” series offering information for parents in English and Spanish on topics such as helping children with science, math, reading, homework, adolescence, and school.

Internet4Classrooms ( Offers an extensive list of sites for parents to help their children including: reading, math, discipline, family life, internet safety, helping children with schoolwork, planning for your child’s future, and summer learning activities. Many pages are available in Spanish.